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Ending Hunger, Nourishing Lives: SOUL's Commitment to Building a Hunger-Free Society

SOUL’s End Hunger project is a powerful initiative dedicated to eradicating food insecurity and ensuring access to nutritious meals for individuals and families in need. By implementing a range of impactful strategies such as food distribution programs, community gardens, and community kitchens, SOUL is actively working towards alleviating hunger and promoting sustainable food practices.

With a resolute vision of creating a hunger-free society, the project has already made a profound impact. Over the past six years, SOUL has distributed an astounding one million food plates to tribal and economically weaker sections (EWS) populations in Kolkata and the South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. These efforts have brought relief and nourishment to countless lives, ensuring that vital nutritional needs are met.

Through its holistic approach, the End Hunger project not only provides immediate sustenance but also fosters long-term food security. By empowering communities to grow their own food through community gardens and facilitating access to community kitchens, the project promotes self-sustainability and resilience.

SOUL’s End Hunger project is a testament to the organization’s unwavering commitment to building a society where every individual has access to sufficient, nutritious food for a healthy and fulfilling life. By addressing the root causes of hunger, promoting sustainable practices, and touching the lives of countless individuals, the project is making a profound difference in the fight against food insecurity.

Serving Hope: SOUL’s Goal to Provide 36,500 Cooked Food Plates to Savar and EWS Communities in Sundarban.


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