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Little Learners Programs

Bridging the Educational Gap: Empowering Marginalized Communities through LLP

The Little Learners Program (LLP), formerly known as Vidyashram, was initiated in 2015 with 8 students in a remote delta region surrounded by the Bay of Bengal and dense forests of Sundarban. It aims to address the educational challenges faced by the EWS population and Scheduled Tribes (STs), with a primary focus on uplifting the primitive tribe called Savar.

The Savar community, whose livelihood depends on honey and crab collection from the treacherous Sundarban forest, has long been living in perpetual misery, facing threats from Royal Bengal Tigers, venomous snakes, and crocodiles. LLP plays a vital role in providing solutions to the educational issues prevalent in their schools, such as low enrollment, high absenteeism, dropouts, and poor academic performance.

LLP’s dedicated teachers offer efficient training, instruction, and guidance to improve the overall welfare of the students. The education provided encompasses academic concepts, vocational training, handicrafts, and practical skills in areas like agro farming and cooking. The program aims to equip students with the necessary skills for employment opportunities or self-employment, empowering them for a better future.

To enhance the learning experience, LLP leverages technology to make academic classes more engaging and interesting for the students. Through a combination of academic support, vocational training, and technological integration, LLP strives to uplift the educational standards and overall well-being of the EWS and ST communities, particularly the Savar tribe, enabling them to overcome their hardships and build a brighter future.

  • Educational Advancement of EWS and STs, particularly the Savar Tribe.
  • Addressing challenges faced by schools serving ST populations.
  • Promoting welfare and development of students through training and guidance.
  • Integrating technology for enhanced learning experiences.
  • Empowering EWS & ST communities for self-sufficiency and improved socio-economic conditions.

Today, students of SOUL , all of them first generation learners, have hope and a dream for their future that their families now share with them. That is the biggest impact SOUL has created.

  • First Girl from West Bengal’s Savar Tribal Community Passed Madhyamik Exam (2022)
  • 70% retention rate of students
  • 5x enrolment in 2023
  • 90% Malnourished Children Flourish
  • 70% Children Break Free from Tobacco Addiction (Khaini)
  • 30% Reduction in Child Labour.

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