Goutam’s recovery – Soul

Goutam’s recovery

Goutam’s recovery

Nothing strikes more fear into the hearts and minds of the people of the Sundarbans than the word ‘tiger’. On January 11, 2018, Gautam Malik (25 years old) was out collecting crabs in the dense forests when a resident big cat attacked him. With his luck and God’s mercy, he somehow was able to run away but not without severe injuries that could’ve been fatal if not for the swift actions taken by his family and a team from SOUL. He was taken to Kolkata and admitted in a hospital where the doctors did their best to cure him as well as they could. With the joint and rigorous efforts from all sides, Gautam is now a fit young man. All his physical injuries have healed though he is still recovering from the mental trauma.

We are thankful for the doctors who worked day and night and to take care of Gautam, his family who never left his side and our SOUL team members who were there and took swift actions that resulted in a life being saved.

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